press release

Multitasking, or the performing of several tasks at the same time, is really something of our time. 20 artists from the Netherlands, Europe and the United States have gone in search of it's various guises. They thereby pose the question what the possible consequences of multitasking are in the fields of technology, social life and the human psyche and experience. This exhibition is based on the exhibition and publication 'Multitasking - Synchronicity as a cultural praxis', a project of the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin 2007.

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mit Cory Arcangel, Fischli / Weiss, Irene Hug, Bernadette Klausberger / Jana Krause / Hannah Stracke, Constantin Luser, Warren Neidich, Yves Netzhammer, Stefan Panhans, Adrian Piper, Bill Shackelford, Lars Siltberg, Lars Tunbjörk, Marius Watz / Christine Wolfe

01.09.07 - 07.10.07 NGBK Berlin
15.03.08 - 01.06.08 Museum Den Bosch
15.06.08 - 27.07.08 Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck