press release

This exhibition uses an open and flexible conception of "multitude" as a model of subjectivity and a mode of production to question the relationship between modernity and difference. Multitude addresses identity, language, history, memory and territory by focusing on operations of translation and interpretation via artistic strategies of abstraction, repetition and obscuration. Multitude investigates the interface between subjectivity, space, and indeterminacy, as it is negotiated by various international contemporary practitioners through photography, film, painting and installation.

Multitude is made possible, in part, by contributions from The Consulate General of Israel In New York, Office of Culture Affairs, Rafi and Vicki Hovanessian, Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, Atelier 4, Sprint Graphics, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt, British Council, and with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York.


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Kuratoren: Lauri Firstenberg, Irene Small

mit Do Ho-Suh, Sharon Yaari, Bitter / Weber, Kamrooz Aram, Orit Raff, Rick Buckley, Jean Shin, Nayia Frangouli, Sung-Hee Choi, Txuspo Poyo, Matsue Taiji, Ararat Sarkissian, Hong Hao, Cari Gonzalez Casanova, Corine Borgnet