press release

This major exhibition introduces Australian audiences to Muntean and Rosenblum’s drawings, paintings, photographs, videos and installations that provide a script for the frustration, confusion, sense of alienation and languor of youth.

Using realist imagery inside an idiom of illustration and cinematic mis-en-scene, Muntean and Rosenblum create vignettes of life that deliver a discourse from the street. Love, generosity and passion are elevated against backdrops of uncertainty. Detachment and self-interest are announced in paradoxical philosophies.

Muntean and Rosenblum’s clever tableaux recall the neoclassical attitudes of enlightenment while they play with the anti-authority of fashion and the fickleness of the dazed and confused generation. In their works the voice of youth seeks its poetic destiny amidst a world of unease.

Muntean / Rosenblum
Being in and out of love too many times itself makes you harder to love