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This exhibition shows five of the most visually innovative and experimental pictorial artists in the music video genre today. The five video artists all work in the cross field between pictorial art and the visual expression of the cinema, in which the music video becomes art. Each in their own way, they make use of an idiom containing many references and similarities to the artistic effects of both pictorial art and the cinema when they challenge and re-think traditional pictorial space.

Despite the commercial interests associated with its existence, the music video is an area allowing ample room for experimentation. So the launching of MTV-Europe in 1981 was also of huge importance for the development of the medium. Conversely, however, the music video has also had an enormous influence on pictorial art and especially that part of pictorial art that works with video and film. The five music video directors in the exhibition are brilliant examples of the interaction existing between film, music video and pictorial art. Precisely this area, where there is an indeterminate boundary between when music video is intended to promote music and when it is art is in focus when ARoS shows how new music generates new images.

Participating artists: Anton Corbijn (1955, HO), Chris Cunningham (b. 1970, UK), Michel Gondry (b. 1963, FR), Spike Jonze (b. 1969, USA), Mark Romanek (b/ 1959, USA).

The curator responsible for this exhibition is Lise Mortensen.

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The Music video as an art form
Kurator: Lise Mortensen

Künstler: Anton Corbijn, Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Mark Romanek