press release

Performance at the Guggenheim: Blood Makes Noise
The Guggenheim Museum, New York City, December 19 – 22, 2014

Straddling the fields of sculpture and performance, Tsabar creates works that function dually as artworks and musical instruments. Activating these pieces in gallery settings, she challenges conventions of museum display while drawing on a range of cultural references, from Post-Minimalist art to arena rock music. For Blood Makes Noise Tsabar presents a four-day installation, in the Guggenheim's Tower Level 5 gallery, of hybrid objects on which she and others perform regularly throughout museum hours. Incorporating architectural elements, musical instruments and industrial materials she will exhibit three works, each derived from a separate body of work.

Tsabar will debut new works from her Work On Felt series and her architectural sound inversions, alongside Untitled (Double Face) (first exhibited 2010), a sculpture made of two guitars joined at the back. Performed on by two female musicians, imposing a hyper intimate relationship between the two, the performance is a negotiation of sound and movement.

All three works explore the silent borders, imposed by institutional display, between the sculptural object and the viewer, while unfolding the different layers of intimacy and performative action that the works enable.