press release

In today's recurring realism the focus above all is on the human image and the question of its coordinates. The works making up the exhibition NACHGEMACHT/DUPLICATED on the other hand are starting out from the environment and are dealing with the image at the interface between the 'artificial' and the 'natural.' This dichotomy, operating along the questions of illusion, virtuality, the dream and the awakening, has always been one of the central concerns to modern artistic production. The artistic game unfolding in these inter-spaces ultimately also touches on the sphere of psychological structures and refers to concepts like the real, simulation or imagination.

Songül Boyraz-Höll contributes photographic works in which urban vistas are interrupted by cut flowers wrapped in plastic foil. As in her video projects the artist thus attempts to approach space as a social realm. The flowers do not fit into the spatial scene but - artificially - create a distance.

Emilie Halpern's works are about a pinning down in time of natural and artificial structures. In a basic sense the natural often seems the more transient while the artificial pretends to be eternal. Halpern's photographs and videos blend these levels and frequently radiate a sort of uncanny romanticism.

With his photographs and video installations Florian Pumhösl on his part follows up a concept of modernism under the most diverse contextual conditions, be it from a historical or a spatial point of view. Among other things the project investigates the conditions of form and content a western modernist language was subjected to when being transplanted to colonial Africa.

The works by Dean Sameshima on show portray landscapes situated in the wrong locations, as it were, and thus emanating their own form of fiction. Such as, for instance, photographs of snowscapes on a Hollywood boulevard, set-like suggesting pure nature. Another time we are confronted with the desolate and deserted landscape of the grounds of a zoo.

The film-maker and installation artist Bruce Yonemoto examines the materiality of film and its contents within art world conditions. At the same time his projects also have a thing or two to say on the medium itself. The utopia of a cultural coherence of modernism is being scrutinized with the help of fragments from the specific language of the 'other.'


only in german

replicated naturalness - simulated nature

mit Songül Boyraz, Emilie Halpern, Florian Pumhösl, Dean Sameshima,
Bruce Yonemoto

Kurator: Martin Prinzhorn