artist / participant

press release

Opening on Sunday 4th September 16:00 - 18:00

Nasan Tur's exhibition at Deweer Gallery is his first exhibition in Belgium. He presents himself as a true cross-media artist who engages with photography, sculpture, installation and even woodblocks. Existing work is combined with new work, such as the brightly coloured neon letters that together form the - deliberately misspelled - words 'comunism, 'sociallism' and 'capithalism'. Expect critical questions about ideologies, nationalities and the utopian thinking that goes along with them! Brace yourself for philosophical statements with a wink, brilliantly worked out in relief on woodblocks!

A remarkable new creation which he made for the gallery is the work 'Sea View' (2016). In this work, Tur presents a series of photographic images of seascapes. The question is whether these seascapes – in the light of the refugee crisis – are really as clean, calm and peaceful as they might seem at first sight? The same applies to his recent 'Watercolors'. Are the figures he painted in watercolour on paper really that innocent? Nothing is what it seems!