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Surreal and ultra-sensory The Secret Garden by Swedish artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg opens up a netherworld of strange delights and encounters.

In their immersive landscapes, sculpture, light, sound and film mix to dazzling effect as gallery visitors are thrust into the mysterious worlds of feverish dreams, psychedelic sunsets and expanding universes.

An exciting new commission, a secret garden fit for Alice in Wonderland, is filled with giant leaves, bluebells and golden-capped acorns, gelato coloured cushions and dripping icecreams. Tied together with neon lighting and sound and presided over by a shaman rabbit, it is the stage set of the subconscious, only activated fully by each audience member’s internal direction.

This exhibition is the first time that Djurberg and Berg’s work has been seen in Western Australia and, in addition, features a survey of the savagely humorous claymation films that first brought these artists into the international spotlight.

Presented by  
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts with Perth International Arts Festival, in association with Australian Centre for Contemporary Art with Melbourne Festival    

Nathalie Djurberg  
Hans Berg

Curated by  
Juliana Engberg and Louise Neri

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