press release

navigate is a four-day festival of live art taking place on Newcastle and Gateshead Quays this summer, from Thursday 30 June until Sunday 3 July. Featuring world premieres of several specially commissioned works navigate comprises an international line-up of artists whose diverse practices address navigation as the core theme – from the examination of the body as a site, to the mapping of real and virtual geographies, to the navigation of data in digital media and the navigation of time across physical and emotional space.

The festival takes place across three different venues: BALTIC, ms Stubnitz and on specially organised coach trips. Stubnitz, a German ship converted into a floating venue, will be moored on Newcastle Quayside beside the Millennium Bridge. It is sailing to the north east of England from Rotterdam in a journey lasting 2 days, to play a unique role in the festival. During the ship’s voyage artists Lone Twin, Sneha Solanki and Duncan Speakman will create new works influenced by the journey to form part of the festival. Ground-breaking one to one, durational and auditorium performances will take place each day in BALTIC and on board Stubnitz and every evening there will be an opportunity to embark on a specially commissioned audio coach tour around Tyneside, by international artists’ group e-Xplo.

Highlights of the festival include the world premiere of a new production by Karen Finley, one of the most influential figures in American performance art, a return to the region by another esteemed US performer Tim Miller, the world premiere of Twilight, a newly commissioned film by Desperate Optimists and Nostalgia, a newly commissioned durational performance / installation by renowned artist André Stitt. Featured artists include Sachiko Abe, Tim Brennan, Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci, Deer Park, Eve Dent, Desperate Optimists, Etant Donnés, e-Xplo, Karen Finley, Janine Fletcher, Lone Twin, Tim Miller, Kira O’Reilly, Sneha Solanki and Duncan Speakman, André Stitt, Melati Suryodarmo and Fiona Wright. Alongside the performance programme is a series of talks by invited keynote speakers.

navigate is produced by amino, BALTIC, forma and independent curator Michelle Hirschhorn. The event is part of the 2005 Alive International Festival of Rivers and the Sea funded by Arts Council England, Newcastle City Council, Northern Rock Foundation and the Millennium Commission Urban Cultural Programme. navigate is part of BALTIC's on-going programme of progressive live and performance art events.


Live Art Festival
Kurator: Michelle Hirschhorn
Veranstaltungsorte: BALTIC Levels 1 & 2 / motorschiff Stubnitz (moored Newcastle Quayside) / specially commissioned audio coach tours

mit Sachiko Abe, Tim Brennan, Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci, Deer Park, Eve Dent, Desperate Optimists, Etant Donnes, e-Xplo , Karen Finley, Janine Fletcher, Lone Twin, Tim Miller, Kira O´Reilly, Sneha Solanki, Duncan Speakman, André Stitt, Melati Suryodarmo, Fiona Wright