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Artworks that reference other artworks as their main subject matter run the risk of being little more than esoteric in-jokes for those who know their art history. While the pieces displayed in this show are exactly that on one level, they are also far from being just a dry homage or conceptual one-liner.

neo-con presents artworks by six international artists who re-enact, with a twist, famous conceptual works by Acconci, Baldessari, Beuys, Boetti, Nauman, Ruscha. The remakes level and humanize, with quirky humor and down-to-earth sensibility, the key principles of Conceptualism such as the favoring of ideas over object-making, the dematerialization of the art object, and the production of work in collaboration, often without a studio.

Far from the low resolution, degraded black and white images associated with the art from the 1960s and 70s, the artists in the show infuse the sophisticated and cryptic aesthetics of Conceptual Art with contemporary mass culture. Beneath this playful, ironic take on art making, however, is a serious scrutiny of the very idea of art and its status, appearance, and market value, as well as the myth of the artistic genius.

Cristiana Perrella is Curator of the Contemporary Arts Programme of The British School at Rome. Her exhibition was selected through apexart’s Unsolicited Proposal Program.


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Contemporary Returns to Conceptual Art
Kurator: Cristiana Perrella

mit Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Jonathan Monk, Yoshua Okon, Joao Onofre, Mario Garcia Torres, Francesco Vezzoli