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Concepts like “multiculturalism”, globalization”, “identity” or “the other” represent actually no more than a series of preconceived or artificial ideas which are predominant in the (art) world.

In recent years, Europe has clearly failed to address how diversity has been changing its identity, and it has done so by turning inwards as a reaction to globalization.

Conceived by Spanish curator Paco Barragán, nEUclear reactionsaims to further open up this debate by exploring new ideas of Europeaness through the works of 14 artists that basically reflect on fundamental ideas such as “who am I”, “how do I relate to others”, “what does the notion of home mean to me”, and “how do I build this home”.

Shane Cotton, Edith Dakovic, Francois Bucher, Reuben Paterson, Carlos Blanco, MK Kaehne, Darren Siwes, Clemencia Labin, Daniel Chust Peters, Charles Júhasz-Alvarado, Aldo Iacobelli, Imants Tillers, Alexander Apóstol, and Shane Waltener are the artists chosen to investigate these ideas related to identity, immigration, displacement, otherness or the concept of home.

“They live in different parts of the world and all share a bi-cultural background. This condition, the feeling of not sitting squarely within either culture, is central to their work. Having a (grand)father and a (grand)mother from Europe and another continent, they show us through their work how they (re)build their own identity and how they face the challenge of fitting in a different culture, being at home, but not.” (Paco Barragán)

Most artists selected for nEUclear reactionsoffer an 'impure' artistic practice, reflecting the conflicting elements that contribute to their self-made identity. The work is deliberately ambiguous in its form, content and context, using hybrid styles, materials, and references. They resist easy categorization and fixed definitions.

How should the Europe to come be in relation to itself and the rest of the world? The answer to this question can be very simple: a Europe without Europeans.

Only two hours away from Madrid by car, the Cab has a strong national program and it has also organized some interesting international exhibitions dedicated to young artists like Xavier Veilhan, Jeremy Blake, Monika Bravo, or Young Asian artists in New York . The Cab de Burgos is currently preparing a group exhibition called “The Leading Thread”. A vision of the actual artistic scene in Flanders.

nEUclear reactionshas been presented by the CAB with the generous support of the Narodni Gallery, Prague, the Australian Council for the Arts, and the Canadian Embassy in Madrid.


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nEUclear reactions
Kurator: Paco Barragan

mit mit Alexander Apostol, Carlos Blanco, François Bucher, Daniel Chust Peters, Shane Cotton, Edith Dakovic, Aldo Iacobelli, Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, MK Kaehne, Clemencia Labin, Reuben Paterson, Darren Siwes, Imants Tillers, Shane Waltener