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Purpose of the exhibition project End of Painting is to monitor topical trends in the area of non-representative (non-mimetic) painting. Borders of its definition can be outlined by these current movements: postmodern or new geometry, new abstraction, post-minimalism, post-conceptual painting. Certain “seclusion” is applied to the selection of authors who represent the generations born in 1950´s and 1960´s and come from countries of the Visegrad Four. The exhibition has an ambition to record certain changes by which contemporary painting is coming through, but also to point out the connections with broad context of topical starting points of contemporary visual art as a whole, such as deconstructive and analytic strategies or new significance. Present are also latent elements of social context and gender thinking. For brief conclusion of the problem we can also use free interpretation of terms: reformed or discursive panting.

Exhibition: New End of Painting Termin of Exhibition : 12. September –27. October 2002 Place of Exhibition : Koppel House, Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava, Slovakia

Participating Artists: Slovak Republic: Mária Balážová (1956), Blažej Baláž (1958), Stano Bubán (1961), Adam Szentpétery (1956), Róbert Urbásek (1965) Czech Republic: Petr Kvíčala (1960), Kateřina Štenclová (1959) Poland: Wojciech Ćwiertniewicz (1955) Hungary: János Saxon Szász (1964)

Author of the Project: Blažej Baláž (Slovak Republic), Trnava University Curator of the exhibition: Jiří Valoch (Czech Republic), National Gallery Prague, Blažej Baláž

Organizators : J.Koniarek Gallery /State gallery/ Trnava University /Department of Fine Arts/

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New End of Painting
Kuratoren: Jiri Valoch, Blazej Balaz

Künstler: Blazej Balaz, Maria Balazova, Stano Buban, Wojciech Cwiertniewicz, Petr Kvicala, Janos Saxon Szasz, Adam Szentpetery, Katerina Stenclova, Robert Urbasek