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New Photography is the annual fall showcase of significant recent work in contemporary photography. This year’s exhibition features three artists from Europe. The Berlin-based British artist Jonathan Monk contributes a series of tongue-in-cheek photographs and two slide projections that play with the idea of falsified documents, interweaving moments of personal history with art history. German artist Barbara Probst experiments with the temporality and point of view of the shot/counter-shot technique of film by presenting multiple photographs of one scene shot simultaneously with several cameras via a radio-controlled release system. The Swiss artist Jules Spinatsch presents a selection of works from his major photographic project Temporary Discomfort—making its New York premiere in this exhibition—which documents the towns of Genoa, Davos, New York City, and Geneva/Evian during the 2001 and 2003 World Economic Forums.

Organized by Roxana Marcoci, Associate Curator, Department of Photography.

The New Photography series is made possible by JGS, Inc.


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New Photography 2006
Jonathan Monk, Barbara Probst, Jules Spinatsch
Kurator: Roxana Marcoci