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The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is pleased to announce the implementation of a new curatorial programming schedule that will exclusively present seasons of simultaneous solo artist exhibitions, all linked by one common theme.

This new program will debut with Portraiture at The Aldrich—six new solo projects that each deal with the topic of portraiture in a unique way, reflecting the contemporary relevance of this venerable genre—at an exhibition reception on Sunday, January 30, 2011, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

The Portraiture exhibitions:

Shimon Attie: MetroPAL.IS. A multi-channel video installation—by Shimon Attie with Vale Bruck—commissioned by The Aldrich portrays New York City's Israeli and Palestinian communities, linked by their shared secondary hybrid identity as New Yorkers.

Jenny Dubnau: Head On This series of realist portrait paintings, including images of fellow Aldrich exhibiting artists, functions as a mirror that reflects back upon those whose artistic practice focuses on portraiture.

James Esber: Your Name Here Two bodies of work continue the artist's preoccupation with distorting the familiar; each series translates images found in today's collective unconscious of popular visual culture.

Hope Gangloff: Love Letters The first solo museum exhibition of this New York-based artist features sensual portrait paintings of the artist's friends, offering her personal vision of contemporary American life.

Thilo Hoffmann: High School Portraits A series of photographic "self-portraits" produced by the Swiss artist in collaboration with his subjects—fourteen local students who were the creative guiding force behind the works.

Timothy White: Portraits Large-scale digital prints of celebrities taken over the last two decades capture surprising and revealing sides of recognizable figures such as Liz Taylor, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and many more.

Also on view:

KAWS: Companion (Passing Through) Back by popular demand, the artist who blurs the boundaries between art, design, and street culture will unveil his largest work to date in the sculpture garden—a sixteen-foot Companion!

Robert Taplin: Selections from the Punch Series, 2005-10 The fictional character Punch and his misadventures in the contemporary art world are the subject of an ongoing project, displayed in the galleries and, larger than life, on Main Street.

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New Portraiture Exhibitions

Künstler: Shimon Attie, Jenny Dubnau, James Esber, Hope Gangloff, Thilo Hoffmann, Timothy White