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Artpace San Antonio is pleased to announce New Works: 05.3, on view through January 22, 2006. The exhibition presents new projects by resident artists Harrell Fletcher (Portland, OR); Katrina Moorhead (Houston, TX); and Melik Ohanian (Paris, France). Selected by Berta Sichel, Director of the Department of Audiovisuals and Film and Video Curator of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Spain, each artist carefully considers ideas of community and audience, bringing dramatically different perspectives and approaches to their artistic practice.

Harrell Fletcher - Portland, OR Harrell Fletcher’s relational approach to art-making often involves other artists and collaborators. Past projects have featured footage of people explaining how they received their scars, displays of works by emerging artists at neighborhood restaurants, and a co-created website ( that showcases reader-proposed assignments such as, “Grow a garden in an unexpected spot.” His inclusive approach seems to affirm that art can and will make a difference.

Katrina Moorhead - Houston, TX Katrina Moorhead’s drawings, objects, and installations pause on the ordinary. Whether creating delicate structures out of Styrofoam and brightly-hued tiles, translating bathroom graffiti into a planted garden, or painting a billboard the color of the sky, the artist approaches each project with a delicate, spare sensibility. Moorhead's works consistently reclaim the familiar to cast it anew.

Melik Ohanian - Paris, France Using film and photography, Melik Ohanian explores scientific, social, and cultural communities. While the artist begins with research and documentation (of star-gazers in Utah, of rap-enthusiasts outside of large cities), each project is ultimately realized in poetic, sculptural installations that involve the viewers. Each work connects to the next like a constellation that describes who we are and how we interact.


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New Works: 05.3
Kurator: Berta Sichel

mit Harrell Fletcher, Katrina Moorhead, Melik Ohanian