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For the first time ever in Europe, an exhibition of sixty New York based artists whose work captures the drama, danger, speed and dynamism of the creative scenes dominating artistic life in the Big Apple today.

The expression “New York Minute” refers to the speed with which New Yorkers react to stimuli - with a mixture of impatience, ingenuity and amazing alacrity. The 60 artists represented here, show a rapid and inspired response to the particular issues their generation has to face up to. Their work explores some of the latest trends in New York art: up-dating action painting and abstraction with the toughness of street life, synthesizing pop culture into hand-made and honest artefacts, taking conceptualism to new and absurd heights, organizing themselves into collectives, taking inter-disciplinary art on tour and introducing a punk attitude to assemblage, collage and sculpture. Dash Snow, Terence Koh, Nate Lowman, Aurel Schmidt, Agathe Snow, Hanna Liden are just some of the many artists who typify the “street punk” trend, transforming dark energy into heartfelt confrontational projects that include collage, performance, music and sculpture. They are attracted to the danger and anarchy of the urban environment and produce down-to-earth works that reflect this attraction. Chris Johanson, AVAF, Paper Rad, Takeshi Murata, Francine Spiegel are amongst the many artists whose work represents the so-called “wild figuration” style. They favour prismatic pigment explosions and both handmade and found materials, make references to the world of comics, including the graphics, together with an imaginary low-brow pop culture to create new and radiant creatures. The communal way in which they work is underlined by the way they so often organize themselves into collectives and bands. A third group of artists choose to explore ‘new abstraction’. Some, like Dan Colen, Rosson Crow or Sterling Ruby prefer to update the New York School of abstraction with the energy of the city's streets, whilst others, like Tauba Auerbach, Xylor Jane and Ara Peterson, revitalize out-dated conceptual approaches to abstraction with new visions of the digital age. Far from being cerebrally remote, these new abstract artists communicate with urgency and immediacy.

Some of the highlights of “A New York Minute” worth a special mention include “Downtown Don”, Aaron Bondaroff's shop that comes complete with all the fanzines, records, stickers, t-shirts and books produced by the participating artists. The creator of Tinyvices, Tim Barber, will be acting as curator to his own small section of the exhibition which also features contributions from his network of young artists from around the world. A series of collateral events, organized in conjunction with Nero Magazine and which include concerts, screenings and performances, make this exhibition even more exciting and alive.

Curator/s Kathy Grayson

MACRO Future:
New York Minute: 60 Artists from the New York Art Scene
Kurator: Kathy Grayson

Künstler: Cory Arcangel, Tauba Auerbach, assume vivid astro focus , Jules de Balincourt, Tim Barber, Michael Bell-Smith, Brian Belott, Katherine Bernhardt, Aaron Bondaroff, Lizzi Bougatsos, Joe Bradley, Mat Brinkman, Scott Campbell, Brian Chippendale, Benjamin Cho, Michael Cline, Peter Coffin, Dan Colen, Rosson Crow, Dearraindrop , Brian Degraw, Jim Drain, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Martha Friedman, Ry Fyan, Gang Gang Dance, Tomoo Gokita, Patrick Griffin, Evan Gruzis, Valerie Hegarty, Xylor Jane, Chris Johanson, Ben Jones, Terence Koh, Matt Leines, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Eddie Martinez, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley , Keegan McHargue, Taylor McKimens, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad , Ester Partegas, Mitzi Pederson, Ara Peterson, Stephen Powers, Sterling Ruby, JD Samson, Aurel Schmidt, Agathe Snow, Dash Snow, Francine Spiegel, Threeasfour , Kon Trubkovich, Alan Vega, Banks Violette, Yuichi Yokoyama