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Machines for Social Circumstance is a collection of robots realized as technical drawings, prototypes and finished works. Though formally distinct from human beings and other animals, these machines elicit a sense of the living through the physical processes they perform, be it kinetic, sensual or cultural. Included in this exhibition is The Blanket Project, a robotic blanket that physically engages the audience, and Triad, a series of three-legged robots that roam throughout the gallery.

Nicholas Stedman works with electronics and sculptural materials to produce machines, robots, and other techy objects which probe the experience of physicality. He has shown projects in Canada and abroad, including at ARS Electronica and ISEA2004. He is currently residing in Toronto, and Buffalo where he is pursuing an MFA at UB. Nicholas is interested in talking with others. Please contact him through his website .


Nicholas Stedman
Machines for Social Circumstance