press release

The 2017 spring exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis feature an overview of recent work by feminist figurative artist Nicola Tyson in her first solo museum show in the US;

Nicola Tyson offers a deserved reappraisal of a significant artist working prolifically at mid-career, featuring major paintings and works-on-paper made from 2005 through 2016. Tyson is engaged in the reimagining of the figure, or more precisely reimagining the gaze upon the female body. She is noted for her “psycho-figuration,” a practice that erases the distinctions between representation and abstraction and expresses the inner psyche of its subjects. Her portraiture undermines specificity, bodies morphing into creatures or unidentified selves turned inside out. Although often comic in nature, these representations of fractured personae also possess a quiet poignancy.

Nicola Tyson, is organized for CAM by Lisa Melandri, CAM Executive Director.