press release

Nicolas Jasmin - And Other Works

Solo at
Belvedere 21, Vienna
Opening 17. 1. 2019, 7 — 9 pm

We are pleased to announce Nicolas Jasmin's solo exhibition at Belvedere 21 in Vienna, curated by Luisa Ziaja.

Nicolas Jasmin’s artistic approach can be understood as pictorial archaeology. Jasmin has developed a method that combines painting with laser technology. A laser beam works its way through layers of paint that have been applied to hessian and exposes them to the primer, thereby revealing traces of the formation process. Jasmin also practises pictorial archaeology in terms of his subjects: he finds them in art history, in pop and everyday culture – in short: in our collective pictorial memory – and recontextualises them. Wide-ranging series of works thus arise in which Jasmin repeatedly explores simple gestures and forms. In the process, he is guided by both prescribed rules and happenstance, always questing after the unconscious and enigmatic aspects of his pictures.

Nicolas Jasmin was born in 1967 in Toulouse, France. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. After a long working study with Walter Obholzer and detours in the film / video and music sector, he returned to painting in 2011.