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From 16 December 2009 through 7 March 2010 the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam stages a huge, audience-focused art event, entitled: Niet Normaal * Difference on Display. International artists react to the most topical subject in today’s society: what is normal and who decides?

What is normal and who decides? While technology and advancement offer opportunities to various kinds of people, everything in life is dominated by uniformity. Market and media increasingly decide how we look at ourselves and others. Perfection is the standard.

But what is this norm and who complies? Do we draw a line at a wrinkle, a depression, with someone who does not want to pursuit a career, with taking pills that increase one’s intelligence, or with drastic physical enhancement? Perfectibility, norm and difference as commodities and the interdependent relationship between humans and technology are the three main topics.

Art, science and society Paintings, sculptures and installations by artists, documentary makers and designers are on display. New works of art are produced, and artworks from foreign and private collections are on display for this exhibition.

A full colour publication with essays by Donna Haraway, Michel Callon, Amade M’charek, Renu Addlahka, Tom Shakespeare, Ingunn Moser and others will be on sale. Besides the presentation of works of art discussions, movie nights, readings and parties will be organised. Exhibition, publication and parallel programme seduce, confront, put into perspective. Art and science meet and express urgent matters in society.

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Niet Normaal
What is normal and who decides?

Künstler: Pawel Althamer, Nathalie Djurberg, Ines Doujak, Joseph Grigely, Thomas Hirschhorn, William Kentridge, Jon Kessler, Aernout Mik, Imogen Stidworthy, Javier Téllez ...