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For their exhibition at Gallery one one one, Nina Beier and Marie Lund have devised an experiment: an evolving exhibition, to explore the very notion of the traditional exhibition format and how their artistic practice can work within this framework. As a form of resistance, they will pervert the notion of a solo show by replacing it with a group dynamic of their own invention.

One one one's curator Vincent Honoré will curate a solo show of Beier and Lund's work. During the course of the show they will gradually alter the exhibition, changing this solo show into a group show. They will invite artists into a dialogue by exchanging their own work for work by these artists. Each new piece added will change the dynamics of the group.

As the show evolves, Vincent Honoré, the foundation's curator, will not have any control over the new works or the artists selected.

The exhibition is an intervention project by Nina Beier and Marie Lund, The core of the artists' work is not solely the objects or actions they produce, but the relationships they build. Rather than problematising the difference between artist and curator, it will be an experiment in opening up this relationship and in collaborative curating. What emerges is less of a group exhibition in the traditional sense, with an imposed sense of coherence, but a dialogue.

Nina Beier and Marie Lund (born 1975 & 1976 Denmark)

The artists have been working collaboratively since 2003. Their work stems from a fascination with shared history and group dynamics, be they awkward, fervent, polite or tender. The artists play with social customs often by orchestrating simple situations that allow instinctive human reactions to determine the viewer's experience.

Their works - videos, photographs, altered or displaced objects, installations, performances -reveal a subtle awareness and critique of the institutional, social and cultural systems of representation. They often start by exploring collective memory and the possibility of a physical or intellectual act of resistance to the established structures of communication.

Beier and Lund are interested in failed ideas and political involvement, and have a fascination with storytelling and invisible human relationships. They investigate group dynamics with a clear knowledge and understanding of the utopian pursuit of collectivism, and political performative actions mainly inspired by artists of the 70s (Jiri Kovanda, Julius Koller, Vito Acconci, Daniel Buren, Adrian Piper, etc.).

Danish artists Nina Beier & Marie Lund recently showed at Tate Britain (The Difference between Humans and Walls, 2007), Tate Modern (Actions and Interruptions, 2007), the Hayward Gallery (Laughing in a Foreign Language, 2008), Wallspace Gallery, New York (From a Distance, 2008), ICA (Nought to Sixty, 2008), 176 Projects (Past-Forward, 2008). Forthcoming projects include: MART, Trento (Eurasia, July 2008), Quadriennale, Copenhagen (U-TURN, Sep 2008), Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul (Platform Seoul, Oct 2008) and solo exhibitions at: Wako Works of Art, Tokyo (A Circular Play, June 2008) and Laura Bartlett Gallery (Sep 2008)

Nina Beier & Marie Lund
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