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A solo gallery exhibition by Nina Roos is always an art event in Finland. The previous one was held six years ago at Galerie Anhava, and in 2001 Roos's partly retrospective showing "Through Images" was held at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. She has otherwise exhibited abroad, in Toronto, Berlin, Odense, Bergen, Oslo and the Malmö Konsthall, where her extensive and widely noted retrospective "Shifting Spaces: A Rapid Touch" was recently on show.

Nina Roos is the recipient of the Carnegie Award for 2004. In connection with the award Lars Nittve, director of Stockholm's Moderna Museet described Nina Roos in the following terms: "She has been an excellent painter for many years, and her recent works are among her best. They are extremely convincing, specific to her, enigmatic, yet accessible.."

The enigmatic is precisely one of the core properties of Nina Roos's works. It is difficult to completely verbalize and exhaustively explain her paintings. They will always have some property that can be perceived, clarified and explained only by viewing. Roos changes and develops continuously and earlier ways of viewing never apply as such to her latest works. They are answers to questions that the viewer is not yet able to formulate. They are challenging, mysterious and strangely beautiful.

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Nina Roos
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