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James Colman is pleased to announce the opening of 'She's No Angel', an exhibition of eight artists that explores the full range of human emotion through painting, music and performance.

'She's No Angel' (1977 R.A.K records) was a one-hit-wonder single by the late Gary Holton (he of 'Auf Widersehen Pet' notoriety) and his band 'The Heavy Metal Kids'.

The show's punk stance aims to broadly elucidate on the themes of deception and marginalization. Flimsy concepts are dismissed in place of a direct and immediate narrative. This is spleen–venting with pathos on a gargantuan scale.

Damien Le Bas paintings waiver between personal meditations and obsessions to 'end of the pier' exuberance. Force fields of colour, peopled with figures from popular culture meander across mirrored surfaces. Delaine Le Bas presents a journey through the Pandora's Box of the modern world. Her use of Romany insignia reflects a nostalgic yearning for childhood innocence. The home-spun embroidery and paintings reveal society's failings. Cathy Lomax introduces an iconic image of 'Lily', reflecting adolescent expectation and insecurity. Stella Vine's portrait of Charlotte Church alludes to a loss of innocence, the celebrity dream soured. Mandy McCartin portraits of the homeless project a sincere and profound comment on loneliness and rejection, whereas Iris Palmer’s wink to 1950s chivalry reflects the flip side of society’s norms. Matthew Wilkinson’s digitized images taken from psychiatric ink blots, blast the institutionalization of character analysis and emotion pigeon-holing.

The exhibition will culminate in a collective work on the back wall of the gallery and a video scratching performance by former Sham 69 frontman and punk icon Jimmy Pursey.

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No Angel
Delaine Le Bas / Damien Le Bas, Cathy Lomax, Mandy McCartin, Iris Palmer, Jimmy Pursey, Matthew Wilkinson, Stella Vine