press release

Nowhere is here is curated by The Drawing Room and taps into the capacity of drawing to capture the contingent quality of the natural environment and our complex relationship with it. Four of the artists have gravitated to London from different parts of of the world including Finland, Israel, Switzerland and Botswana, and all are establishing international reputations. Each brings a different relationship to the natural environment, be it imagined, experienced or remembered, emotional or dispassionate. The artists are using drawing to create hybrid worlds that could suggest a repositioning of our relationship to nature and society.

Nowhere is here, 48 page, full-colour catalogue available to purchase from the shop.

Nowhere is here

Künstler: Axel Antas, Nogah Engler, Franziska Furter, Reece Jones, Damien Roach

29.03.08 - 18.05.08 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
12.06.08 - 20.07.08 The Drawing Room, London
20.09.08 - 25.10.08 Fruehsorge - Galerie für Zeichnung, Berlin