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This years numusic and art program is our largest ever, with artists from Russia, New York, UK, Finland, Thailand, France, Austria and of course Norway. We’re very proud to have secured the services of the grandfather of Norwegian electronic composition, Arne Nordheim, who will be opening proceedings with a presentation and performance of his work which will include a series of early 1960’s electronic tape pieces.

Numusic also gave a challenge to renowned jazz trumpet player Nils Peter Molvær, Dj Strangefruit, Jan Bang and media artist Sam Bannister to create a minimum 60 minute concert that celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Technics 1210 MK II Dj turntable. A unique event exclusive to this years Numusic..

This years international highlight’s include, amongst others, DJ VADIM & YARAH, (Rus/Uk), BENT (dj set), PLAID (uk), ARNE NORDHEIM, BUGGE WESSELTOFT, NILS PETTER MOLVÆR, KID606 (US), TASKFORCE (UK), THE WIRE MAGAZINE SOUNDSYSTEM.

Of course the inroads that Norwegian acts and labels have made into the electronic music scene over the past 10 years ensures that traditional national / international descriptions are mostly irrelevant, other than to describe a particular geographical "production" sound. Norwegian acts such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Peter Molvær, Royksopp, Ralph Myers and labels Tellé, Beatservice & Smalltown Supersound (all celebrating their 10th anniversary) are truly global in both their musical outlook and concert itinerary, and with the steady rise of Locative media these national /international boundaries are sure to be erased further.

This years program expands the "academic" side of the festival, with workshops, seminars and performances drawn from attending artists & invited guests. This years Numusic panel will be chaired by the much respected "music" author Rob Young, editor of the Uk’s The Wire magazine. The theme "Machine Music, The Future." Pressetext

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NUART 2004 - West Coast Numusic & Electronic Art Festival
Festival-Direktor: Martyn Reed

Film, Installationen, Soundinstallationen, Electronic Art:
mit Andrea Lumb, Gilles Deleuze, L´adpf, Pure & Decam, Sidsel Christensen, Jon Eriksen, Laila Evensen, David Priestman, Andrew Quinn, Espen Tversland, Antii Sakari Saario, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Erich Berger, Alexander Rishaug, Brian Larsen, Odd Sama, Kim Hiorthoy, Agricola de Cologne, Carlos Giffoni