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The exhibition in timeline format revisits the work of one of the geniuses of modern art: Odilon Redon. From the anguish of the dark period (charcoal, lithographs) to the colourful explosion of the late works, Odilon Redon (1840-1916) had a deep impact on the Symbolist generation, and subsequently the Nabis and the young Fauves, with their bold use of colour. He explored the meanders of thought process, and the esoteric aspect of the human soul, marked by the mechanisms of dream.

The exhibition is organised by the Réunion des musées nationaux, and the Orsay and Fabre Museums, and is staged in collaboration with the Department of Prints and Photography of the French National Library. A chronological look back at the artist's stylistic development, from blacks to colours, it will be showing 170 outstanding works (paintings, drawings, pastels and charcoal) from major French and international collections (Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK). It will also be displaying archive documents (photos, letters, magazines, books) illustrating the links between Odilon Redon and the intellectuals of his time. It will then go to the Fabre Museum in Montpellier, from July 5 to October 16 2011. General Commissioner: Rodolphe Rapetti, General Curator for Heritage, associate researcher at INHA.

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Odilon Redon
Kurator: Rodolphe Rapetti