press release

Ten Years of Fellowship at the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
January 28–March 13, 2022

ON DRAWING DRAWING ON: Ten Years of Fellowship at the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry presents works from numerous Gray Center Fellows in celebration of the first decade of experimental collaboration.

Drawing is at once a catalyst for shaping reality, a middle place between being and becoming, and a fully realized work of art in its own right. It brings things into the world, pulls us into worlds, and, as such, is an ideal emblem of the collaborative and experimental work that has taken place at the Gray Center in the past decade. Moreover, it is hard to pin down what constitutes drawing in the 21st Century—it evades definition as practitioners across the disciplines make use of the medium to spell out musical notation, choreograph theater, or create a video game.

Much like the Gray Center itself, drawing is simultaneously disciplined and un-disciplined, creating forms as it goes. Over the last ten years, artists and scholars have come together to draw on each other's minds and to create new genres at the borders of art and scholarship. Necessarily sketchy at their inception, Gray Center Fellowships have experimented with what is possible at the meeting point between the arts and academic life.

Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors will first encounter a reading room where they can listen to interviews with Gray Center Fellows and read through issues of Portable Gray—the Gray Center’s magazine—as well as other publications and pieces of ephemera. Visitors are then welcomed into the main gallery where they will find an expansive selection of artworks that represent a variety of approaches to drawing. Occurring throughout the run of the exhibition will be a series of special screenings in the Logan Center’s Performance Hall that will feature film and moving image works by Gray Center Fellows.

Participants: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Fadi Baki, Alison Bechdel, Sara Black, Bill Brown & Ted Brown (STUDIO R-A), James Carpenter, Hillary Chute, Romi Crawford, Marc Downey, Samantha Frost, Hannah B Higgins, Ghenwa Hayek, Theaster Gates, Amber Ginsburg, Sean Griffin, Paul Kaiser, Omar Khouri, Julia Kuo, George E. Lewis, Antoni Miralda, W.J.T. Mitchell, Sidney Nagel, Stephan Palmié, Monica Peek, Pope.L, Dieter Roelstraete, Cauleen Smith, Jessica Stockholder, Catherine Sullivan, Garland Martin Taylor, Augusta Read Thomas, Elizabeth Tung, Anne M. Wagner, Yao Chen, and Judith Zeitlin.