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From October 28th to November 5th 2006, BizArt will present a selection of videos by the One Minutes foundation. The artworks will consist in one minute videos from all over the world including local ones.

A close workshop for local students in the art field, with a representative of the One Minutes Foundation will be organized in BizArt as well as a lecture coordinated by Lothar Spree, from the New Media and Communication Department of the Tongji University. This lecture will present the activities related to video production of Tongji University. A short projection of a past event with students’ artworks will be commented by Lothar Spree

About “The One Minutes”

The One Minutes is a brand name for moving images that last exactly one minute. Where do the One Minutes come from originally? They are here because of the spirit of this time and age of looking quickly and understanding immediately. Which are caused by the influence of television commercials and music clips. They are here because cameras and computers have become cheaper than ever, affordable to more people.

What are the origins of the One Minutes? Its history. It was the year 1998. The Sandberg Instituut, an (MFA) art academy, rented one hour of television broadcasting time for its students. Its broadcast took up one hour of local television, from 12.00 p.m. till 01.00 a.m. when only few people are watching. The students gave their friends and relations one minute each of free broadcasting time. Then the managing director of the institute, Jos Houweling, made it into a monthly television program. Later on it turned out that a festival for videos that last up to one minute already existed in Brasil. A good idea often comes into being in more places than one.

At present, 7 years later, The One Minutes are a mini world movement with film producers in around 60 countries, with a database of 9000 minutes, with partners such as the European Cultural Foundation, UNICEF and others. It has evolved into a new international art form. The One Minutes stand for a freedom with obligations. The limited time force the maker to reflect upon what he wants to show. There are different types of One Minutes. Some consist of apparently haphazard images and others appear to have been worked on for a long time. Take for instance a minute made by a student from Israel. You see a soccer game without a ball. Normally, as a spectator, you would follow the ball but without the ball the movements of the soccer players draw attention. It becomes an absurd ballet. Frame by frame, the ball was replaced by small circles of grass.

The One Minutes are encounters with other cultures. They are exhibitions, television broadcasts (in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain Sweden, India, Africa, China and more) they are internet TV, there are awards ceremonies. The last Award ceremony took place in Xiamen, China in 2005, one minutes were awarded in five categories. The future. The new milestone will be the Olympic One Minutes. An exhibition in Beijing in 2008. A representation of the best one minutes from many countries. (extract from the catalogue theoneminutes 08 future.)


Preliminary list of One minutes videos to be exhibited in BizArt: Canada: 5 videos Brian McKenna, Information becomes a form of garbage Jennifer Kanary, The opening Brian McKenna, Super light Karin Hazé, Cercles Brian McKenna, Cooking show

United States: 10 videos Cindy Malon, Just do it Lori Schindler, Between the two Laura Martin, Dress form Thera Barnett, Soliloguy Christina Carrea, Shower song #17 S.E.Barnet, Under cover Jacob Melchi, Story #28 Suzanne Oshinsky, First Hillary Mushkin, Untitled Rachele Riley, Art of war 4

China/Zhongguo: 10 videos Tang Nanan, Balloon Guyue, Peep Fang, Brother Min Lan, Untitled Chen Wei, Angel Yang Jian, The song from the age of cultural revolution Mo.C, Look left, look right Wang Wei Jie, Dry Wei Na, Sewing Machine Meiya Lin, One minute before

Japan/Nippon: 10 videos Fumiko Matsuyama, Color performance Yukikimura, OxA Hiroshi Ono, There’s no hello in goodbye Judith Leysner, Kyoko Yoshibumi Takahashi, My one day 44 Takako Hamano, Suzu Kyoko Inatome, Keukenhof Masayuki Watanabe, Hot guy NaokoTanaka, I eat Europe Kyoko Inatome, The Erl-King

Former Yugoslavia: 10 videos Vava M. Stojadinovic, Serbian wedding Florent Mehmeti, Posteromania Rudina Xhaferi, I hear nothing Vanja Dimitrova, Biting Nikola Tanurovski, The something or nothing Samanovic, As of tomorrow Viki Twrdy, Sophie Viktor Matic, Human Business Dario Bardic, Love Song Ana Husman, Daily progress

Moldova: 9 videos Snejana Frantuz, Teach me tiger Ludmila Cinta, Back soon Galina Postica, To Moldova Constantin Cheptea, Love Constantin Ionela Costachi, 360 degrees solitude Corina Butnaru, Fog Sergey Tsurkanu, The sunflower seeds Victoria Coroban, The Ball

Morocco/Al-Maghrib: 10 videos Samia Bensaid, Angelica Kabbaj Youssef, United Colors Sara Guedari, Wafae El Hakimi, YouYou Fatima Dahmani, Familie Ayoub Chakibi, Youness Abou-Laakoul, L’incompréhensif Bouchra Cherkab, Saïda Laabidi Mohamed, Cache!Cache! Fatima Ezzahra Dahri, Le regard Fatima Ezzahra Dahri, Last minute Wassila Maamer El Bourachdi, Les galettes Marocaines

Israel/Yisra’el: 10 videos Tammuz Binshtock, Kadooregel Effi & Amir Borenstein, Some kind of fire Avi Krispin, Steven de Jong, Steven’s pitch Nadav & Nir Nadler, Via Doloroza Giori Politi, Frace Sagi Groner, News from Israel Tal Amitai, All the people passing by are not me Nir Nadler, Last dance Maya Cohen,Willehad Eilers, Shemale

Nederland/The Netherlands: 12 videos Allard Zoetman, Homo Ecco part II Nils Mühlenbruch, Zandborsten Iris Honderdos, Klaproos Constant Dullaart, Celibrated Chancellor Gerben Kruk, Vogels Tessa Joosse, De Uitkijk Arik Visser, Sander Houtkruijer, Project 1 Anja de Jonge, Verena Kaltenbach, Z.T Michal Butink, Rodeo Nicky Zwaan, Hangen Sophie Terluin, De vallende Zaanse gans Eelco Brand, Kamer

Germany/Deutschland: 10 videos Willehad Eilers, Thumbs up part 2 Alex Fischer, Hug me Stephanie Kratz, Fliegen 1 Regina Kelaita, Z.T Florian Göttke, No title Helmut Dick, Koffiezetapparaat Anja Masling, 1 Million Snowmen Carolina Feix, The upper top of plastic Abubakar Junusov, One-way ticket Ibrahim Hoveyes, Hakan

Sweden: 10 videos Magnus Monfeldt, Greetings from the other side Johan Westerlund & Nystrom, A minute of silence Anna Andersson, Untitled Peter Kädergärd, The letter spitter Filmon Ghirmay and friends, The damn ball Jennifer Petterson, Lipstick Jens Nilsson, The karate incident Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Relative distance Axel Johansson, Is this it? Oskar Nilsson, Untitled

Iceland/island: 10 videos Henrik Linnet, Z:axis Unnsteinn, One minute help Helgi Thorsson, Train Saevar Logi, Two in me Viktoria Gudnadottir, Round-about Sunna Sigurdardottir, Patternized Viktoria Gudnadottir, Over Nature Gigja Reynisdóttir, Een huis gebouwd op krukken Adalsteinn Thorsson, Helgi Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Untitled

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Educational Exchange Programme

KünstlerInnen: Brian McKenna, Jennifer Kanary, Brian McKenna, Karin Haze, Brian McKenna, Cindy Malon, Lori Schindler, Laura Martin, Thera Barnett, Christina Carrea, S.E.Barnet, Jacob Melchi, Suzanne Oshinsky, Hillary Mushkin, Rachele Riley, Tang Nanan, Guyue, Min Lan, Chen Wei, Yang Jian, Mo.C, Wang Wei Jie, Wei Na, Meiya Lin, Fumiko Matsuyama, Hiroshi Ono, Judith Leysner, Yoshibumi Takahashi, Takako Hamano, Kyoko Inatome, Masayuki Watanabe, NaokoTanaka, Kyoko Inatome, Vava M. Stojadinovic, Florent Mehmeti, Rudina Xhaferi, Vanja Dimitrova, Nikola Tanurovski, Viki Twrdy, Viktor Matic, Dario Bardic, Ana Husman, Snejana Frantuz, Galina Postica, Constantin Cheptea, Ionela Costachi, Corina Butnaru, Sergey Tsurkanu, Victoria Coroban, Samia Bensaid, Kabbaj Youssef, Sara Guedari, Wafae El Hakimi, Fatima Dahmani, Ayoub Chakibi, Youness Abou-Laakoul, Bouchra Cherkab, Laabidi Mohamed, Fatima Ezzahra Dahri, Fatima Ezzahra Dahri, Wassila Maamer El Bourachdi, Tammuz Binshtock, Avi Krispin, Steven de Jong, Nadav & Nir Nadler, Giori Politi, Sagi Groner, Tal Amitai, Nir Nadler, Maya Cohen, Allard Zoetman, Nils Mühlenbruch, Iris Honderdos, Constant Dullaart, Gerben Kruk, Tessa Joosse, Arik Visser, Anja de Jonge, Michal Butink, Nicky Zwaan, Sophie Terluin, Eelco Brand, Willehad Eilers, Alex Fischer, Stephanie Kratz, Regina Kelaita, Florian Göttke, Helmut Dick, Anja Masling, Carolina Feix, TAbubakar Junusov, Ibrahim Hoveyes, Magnus Monfeldt, Johan Westerlund & Nystrom, Anna Andersson, Peter Kädergärd, Filmon Ghirmay, Jennifer Petterson, Jens Nilsson, Axel Johansson, Oskar Nilsson, Henrik Linnet, Helgi Thorsson, Saevar Logi, Viktoria Gudnadottir, Sunna Sigurdardottir, Viktoria Gudnadottir, Gigja Reynisdottir, Adalsteinn Thorsson, Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein ...