press release

In contrast to the current fascination with media-based social realism, irony, and illustration, in all their various guises, Cheim & Read is pleased to propose an alternative, the group exhibition, Opulent. Focusing on a recent trend in contemporary art that revels in optical beauty, richness of color, and depth of historical reference, these artists embrace an abundance of foreign sources, often with a strong Middle-Eastern cultural flavor. The works, in both painting and sculpture, emphasize sumptuous textures, physical density, and particularly the elaborate handmade nature of art making. The use of reflective and luminous materials, like gold and silver, is prevalent.

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Künstler: Lynda Benglis, Richmond Burton, Saint Clair Cemin, Beatriz Milhazes, Chris Ofili, Jeff Perrone, Philip Taaffe, Juan Uslé