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OTIUM #1 : DE MINERALIS, PIERRES DE VISIONS 12.06.2015-09.08.2015

artists: Art Orienté Objet, Halldór Ásgeirsson, Basserode, Cécile Beau, Michel Blazy, Sofia Borges, Charley Case, Céline Cléron, Aurélie Dubois, Jimmie Durham, Jean-Luc Favéro, Francesco Gennari, Paul-Armand Gette, Alexandre Joly, Anthony Mccall, Myriam Mechita, Matt Mullican, Sigmar Polke, Camille Renahrd, Matteo Rubbi, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Lionel Sabatté, Elsa Sahal, Vladimír Škoda, Tunga

curator: Pascal Pique


OTIUM #1 : KATA TJUTA 12.06.2015-09.08.2015

artists: Basserode, Jimmie Durham, Francesco Gennari, Anthony Mccall, Matt Mullican, Sigmar Polke, Matteo Rubbi

curators: Nathalie Ergino, Magalie Meunier

press release

Echoing De Mineralis, pierres de visions, that dotes the mineral with an interiority and a vital force, Kata Tjuta envisages matter—energy as constitutive of a space in tension, vibrating. One's view is no longer focussed on the materials themselves, with their different characteristics and potentialities, but rather on the energy that they free up, on the telluric spaces that generate another way of seeing the world.

Curious in regards to the physical connection between the mineral world and the celestial sphere, between the earth and the cosmos, this project attempts to spatially translate the effects of friction, movement and transformation of matter, such as they may be used as metaphors by artists, being restored through sensitive experiences. A window on the world slips and shifts from the vertical to the horizontal, the ether to the solid, the mass to the scrap, the inanimate to the living.

Between the deserts of Mars and the sacred peaks of Kata Tjuta, the visitor is invited here to traverse a landscape, both enveloping and open, physical and interior: walking, feeling, experiencing, dreaming, becoming one with the space made real.