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The exhibition charts the abundant artistic innovation in post-World War II Los Angeles. During this period, Los Angeles artists looked for new approaches, subjects, and techniques for art making, including experimenting with the materials and processes of the pioneering industries in the region and the local surf and car cultures. The exhibition leads viewers on a dynamic tour from the emergence of an indigenous strain of modernism evident in the hard-edge paintings, assemblage sculpture, and large-scale ceramics of the 1950s, to the subsequent development of iconic Pop images of the city in the 1960s, and the conceptual and material contributions of Light and Space art and process painting that fostered the advanced art of the 1970s. This exhibition is organized by the Getty Research Institute, with the J. Paul Getty Museum

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Crosscurrents in L.A. Painting and Sculpture, 1950–1970
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J. Paul Getty Museum, Exhibitions Pavilion

Künstler: Ed Ruscha, Billy Al Bengston, Betye Saar, Karl Benjamin, Ken Price ...