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Silo presents an installation by Pam Lins, a New York-based artist, who contemplates social and psychological aspects of culture by isolating ubiquitous forms. Her art practice includes gardening and fiction writing that lead to sculptural forms, drawings and paintings. The opening reception takes place on Wednesday, October 26, 6-8 pm.

In her newest project, Lins presents one sculpture ­ a shack on a bed of live mushrooms. It is the latest twist in Lins's sculptural exploration of organic material which regenerates and declines through the duration of an exhibition. "Win Me Free" is coupled with a newfound interest in the structural integration of her studio and a garden she cultivated in her backyard. This structure contemplates fictional representations of the ³female artist² portrayed by television programs, books, movies which she uses as a construct, a sculpture, an homage, a contradiction, a misread.

Lins states, "Growing fungi as a pedestal contemplates the metaphorical, the political, the ridiculous, beauty and witchcraft - But it is also a sculpture that presents changes in time."


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Pam Lins: Win Me Free