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The Italian artist Paolo Chiasera, whose work is based on the various expressions of contemporary myth as both a private and collective obsession and on the relationship between the meditative and active spheres, will here present the second chapter of his video trilogy dedicated to three great artists of the past: Vincent Van Gogh, Cornelius Escher and Pieter Brueghel. In the video CORNELIUS, the very first work produced by MAMbo, Chiasera wears both the mask and clothing of Cornelius Escher, as he crosses the mountain of wood created by the Austrian artist Hans Schabus for last year’s Venice Biennial (Das letze Land – The Last Land, 2005), only to reappear within the white cube of the new museum in Bologna. An apparently circular and unproductive journey which serves to highlight both the physical and metaphorical space of the museum, just like the underlying double layer (based on trust/mistrust) on which the contemporary artist operates. The artist decides t o show the process of the work’s development, almost step by step, inviting total public participation up to the point that the museum itself is transformed into his own studio. Here, he re-proposes his adventurous journey which from Mount Etna leads to the Po Plain and beyond, to the Antarctic before reaching the peak of the Cheope pyramid in Cairo… in the near future.

Catalogue contributors: Ann Demeester, Jan Hoet, Andrea Viliani.


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Paolo Chiasera
The Trilogy: CORNELIUS
Programm: Coming Soon MAMbo + Museum – Shows
Konzept: Gianfranco Maraniello, Andrea Viliani
Kurator: Andrea Viliani