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The phrase Terra Incognita refers to an unknown or unexplored land, region or subject. Under this title, curator Indra Khanna has brought together a group of artists who occupy this no-man’s land; a selection of artists who simultaneously embrace the past, present and future.

It is taken as fact that we build the edifices of our lives on the bedrock of the past. But we are aware that we build on shifting sands – aware that history is not fixed, but is itself a construction. It is only natural to look back in order to recognise or, if necessary, create a sense of order from the recent events of recent or distant times. By facing their own personal histories, the artists in Terra Incognita view this terrain with various degrees of unease, nostalgia or exploratory zeal.

Mik Godley has been researching his Anglo-German heritage to discover the complex and troubled history of his mother’s homeland through a series of paintings. By looking back towards her own ancestral past, Anita R Mudaliar has created a series of haunting video installations which will crop up in unexpected locations throughout the gallery space.

Stephen Connell, Keith Morris and Lois Wallace all explore the notion of being in a transient place or state of mind, whether this is travelling and crossing borders, or capturing those empty hours before day break when one cannot sleep.

Popular culture, national heritage, folk traditions, myths and legends all inspire the video works, installations and collages of S Mark Gubb, Blue Firth and Simon Withers respectively.

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Parade 1: Terra Incognita
Kurator: Indra Khanna

Künstler: Stephen Connell, Blue Firth , Mik Godley, S. Mark Gubb, Keith Morris, Anita R. Mudaliar, Lois Wallace, Simon Withers