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" Music shifts perception radically, and can elicit deeply subjective and fluctuating relationships with the visual. It can make something communicable of day to day existence, which becomes something other than the commonplace. In some cases it can alter our engagement with the present enough to disrupt the moment, potentially creating a space for thought, or for historical memory." Paul Rooney

Pass the Time of Day, explores the theme of the estrangement of the everyday life through the use of music. The selected works which include existing and newly commissioned pieces, have an active involvement with the emotional effects of music, mirroring our fluid and subjective experience of the everyday. The works explore the potential within day to day existence for creativity and resistance to constraint, and they often deal with the theme of 'wasted time', or time loosely and freely spent, as an act of resistance.

In developing this exhibition, Rooney has drawn on interests inherent within his own practice which include the social and personal aspects of popular entertainments such as music, comedy and storytelling. The works included are poignant musical art moments which use or reference, primarily recent British and North American post-punk music (or pre-punk music with the same demeanour). Similarly, the everyday life that is referred to within the works is that of Western, primarily urban, primarily working class turn of the century experience.


Pass the Time of Day
Kurator: Paul Rooney

mit Arab Strap, Marko Ciciliani, Phil Collins, Fugazi and Jem Cohen, Rodney Graham, Mark Leckey, Rosalind Nashashibi, Susan Philipsz, Pipilotti Rist, Paul Rooney, Stephen Sutcliffe, Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead