press release

  Path is a group exhibition featuring five artists who use photography to explore the gaps in our urban landscapes. Path is an analysis of the in-between, of unpopulated spaces, spaces that function only as part of a route to somewhere else or those that are waiting to be discovered. Through mapping these territories the artists in Path bring attention to our need to locate ourselves within these environments.

Heike Baranowsky presents Auto Scope, a video projection of the view from a car window as it accelerates around the Peripherie circling Paris.

Jeremy Coysten produced a new work for Path. He came to public attention with the publication of Civil Airline Disasters 1950-1998, a map that marks out the globe as a series of negative events presented as a dehumanised and yet desirable consumer product.

Dan Holdsworth, co-curator of the exhibition, is a photographer who explores the empty arenas of our lives: carparks at night, deserted motorway flyovers and office buildings are the basis for examinations of technology and isolation.

David Spero presents a new series of large scale photographs taken from the windows of passenger aircraft.

Christine Sullivan photographed the new Tate Modern at Bankside; the images are a remarkable documentation of journeys into the vast empty labyrinth under this reclaimed area.

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Co-Kurator: Dan Holdsworth

Künstler: Heike Baranowsky, Jeremy Coysten, Dan Holdsworth, David Spero, Christine Sullivan