MAK Center, Los Angeles

Schindler House | 835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood
CA 90069-5409 Los Angeles

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For her first performance in Los Angeles, in the newly constructed Garage Top over the rear garages at the Mackey Apartments in Mid-City, Patrycja German will present More Lust / Less Suffering, a study of the gray area between active and passive participation, between instinctual attraction and socially respectful distance.

Born in Wroclaw, Poland (1979), German currently lives and works in Berlin. Following her master studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Karlsruhe, Germany, she has established a practice centered around live performance, video, and photography that explores how a performative intervention can transform a space by altering its substance, significance, and social codes. German's performances usually include herself as subject and directly engage spectators by challenging their perspectives in unanticipated ways. She plays off of an audience's assumed relationship with a performer, and seeks ways of sharing responsibility for the project with her viewers.

She has shown and performed across Europe, with solo exhibitions at Galerie Bernd Kugler in Innsbruck, Austria and Galerie Anita Beckers in Frankfurt, Germany, and the Project Space at the Deutschen K√ľnstlerbundes in Berlin. She has participated in numerous video festivals.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Admission is FREE

Mackey Garages Mackey Apartments (R.M. Schindler, 1939) 1137 South Cochran Avenue Los Angeles 90019

More Lust / Less Suffering
A performance by MAK Center Artist In Residence
Patrycja German
17.2.2011, 19:00, Mackey Garages, Los Angeles