press release

Daniel Hug is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new photographs by Patterson Beckwith.

Beckwith has created a series of works that respond to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's critical essay on photography "A New Instrument of Vision" published in 1936.

Moholy-Nagy stated "photography up to (his) time had been influenced by the aesthetic-philosophic concepts that circumscribed painting….The most astonishing possibilities remain to be discovered in the raw material of photography."

Moholy-Nagy listed eight ways of seeing photography. Among the techniques he listed were X-rays, photograms, very long and short exposures, infrared and filter photography, reportage and “optical jokes”

Beckwith states “I am interested in how the materials and techniques of photography can give a subject form and substance, and activate ideas about perception and subject matter. Harnessing photography’s documentary role within a framework of repetition takes the work beyond being a series of observations and towards a territory where the subject is ushered through its range of possible states as a photograph.”

The exhibition includes a live Holy Shit performance (Matt Fishbeck & Ariel Pink), the germination and blossoming of which will take place in the gallery space.


Patterson Beckwith