press release

This summer, Moderna Museet features one of the biggest presentations ever before of the artist Paul McCarthy. More than 2,000 square metres will be devoted to showing works ranging from the 1960s to the present day. The exhibition includes both new, never previously shown works, and older works from his early career. His 9-metre Daddies Ketchup Inflatable is exhibited above the museum entrance.

Rather than organising the exhibition in conventional chronological order, the artist presents a new reading of older works and work sketches that will in some cases be realised for the first time at Moderna Museet. In addition to 60 films spanning his entire oeuvre, his early sculpture Dead H (1968) and the installations The Trunks (1992-93), The Garden (1992) and Bossy Burger (1991) will be in place. One of the prime features will be the mega project Frigate with Caribbean Pirates (2005).

In connection with the exhibition, the museum is producing a richly illustrated 688-page catalogue with essays by Thomas McEvilley, Iwona Blazwick and an essay by the Moderna Museet curator Magnus af Petersens. The fully illustrated catalogue is published by Steidl.

Curator: Magnus af Petersens


Paul McCarthy - 40 Years of Hard Work
Kurator: Magnus af Petersens