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For his Chisenhale commission, Paul Noble exhibits a series of ambitious, large-scale pencil drawings. These form the extraordinary visual chronicle of Nobson, a place of the artist's own invention.

Nobson is a new town with old customs and beliefs, complete with chemical works, quarry, slums and a palace by the sea. There is also a hospital (Nobspital) and a building called Trev.

Paul Noble has constructed his vision of Nobson using a specially designed font, the letters of which are used as the building blocks of this extraordinary town. The drawings, which measure up to 6ft by 27ft, were the initiation of wo years work by Paul Noble and form a dark and humorous conception of a strangely familiar landscape.

Paul Noble was born in Dilston, Northumberland. He was one of five founding members of City Racing, an influential artists' space in London (1988-98). His work has since been exhibited in London at Cubitt Gallery (1995), Tate Gallery (1999) and Whitechapel Art Gallery (2004); and internationally at the Abright Knox Gallery, Buffalo (2003), Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam and the Migros Museim, Zurich (2005). Nobel lives and works in London.

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Paul Noble