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Open Video Projects presents "Performance Video Performance," a selection of works from the archive that range from performance of their own medium to that of documenting a performing subject. The screening begins by presenting self-referential works that address the electronic and tactile materiality of video and film. That same self-referential theme is carried on in later works by their play with film language and the use of the camera's own vernacular such as camera movement, duration, and point of view as a fundamental function for communication.

By returning as a protagonist, the camera then passes from addressing film language as a reflexive tool to an apparatus for documenting an action by becoming part of the action itself. The screening concludes with works where the camera assumes a more passive role while maintaining a consciousness of the present by documenting actions or performances without any manipulation by editing. Therefore the camera returns to the early Lumière films like “Baby Eating” and “Train Arriving” at the birth of cinema.

- Vincenzo Mistretta, Giuliano Lomabrdo, Kristen Lorello, Irene Di Maggio

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Performance Video Performance
Kuratoren: Lorenzo Benedetti, Sarra Brill

Künstler: Rainer Ganahl, Claudia Sohrens, Kristine Marx, Günter Puller, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, NiceDisc, Vincenzo Mistretta, Nomi Talisman, Marco Raparelli, Jennie Thwing, Cesare Pietroiusti, Shana Moulton, Marie Losier, Steven Eastwood, Julie Perini, Luca Vitone, William Cobbing, William Lamson, Suzy Cho, Giulia Mainenti, New Humans, Rob Carter, Sandra Lee, Mirjam Somers, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Giuliano Lombardo