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Woodmill studio artist Claudia Djabbari presents the third installment of Perverted Minimalism; a touring group exhibition in collaboration with German artists Hedwig Eberle, Anna Friedel and Franka Kaßner.

Having graduated together in 2006 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Perverted Minimalism reunites these four artists for a series of exhibitions held in Düsseldorf, London, Munich and Leipzig; the cities in which they now reside.

Possessing a shared interest in the conflict between collective and individual consciousness, Perverted Minimalism presents work that investigates political and social structures in conjunction with formal concerns.

Working across painting, sculpture, video and installation the artists reconfigure and add to the work included with each leg of the series creating a flexible and increasingly more complex installation that contradicts their reductive practices.

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Perverted Minimalism Nr. 3:
Emotional Conclusions and Logical Matters
Claudia Djabbari, Hedwig Eberle, Anna Friedel, Franka Kaßner