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Since 1972, the German painter Peter Dreher has embarked on an endeavour to paint one single object over and over again. His chosen subject is an empty glass that he paints from life, sometimes at daytime and sometime at night. To date, Dreher has painted over three and a half thousand canvases of the glass - all the same size but all differing slightly depending on the light of the studio and temperament of the painter. The small paintings are completed in one sitting in his secluded studio in the Black Forest.

This ongoing project, titled ‘Tag um Tag ist gutter Tag' (‘Day by Day is a good Day'), has both an obsessive conceptual rigour and a fascination with the process of paint itself. Peter Dreher does away with the apparent duality of ‘representational' and ‘abstract' by showing infinite variations of the same object. Peter Dreher's first solo exhibition in the UK will consist of a large group of paintings from this series, all executed in 2005 and hung in chronological order.

‘Peter Dreher pinpoints the possibilities of painting and reveals, at the intersection of the single work and the series, their characteristic features, which may be defined by such terms as nearness, presence, individuality and experience. Continuous activity coupled with an almost scientific meticulousness is apparently prerequisite if a painter is to convey such values. Peter Dreher does not paint the glass, he paints its perception; he does not depict it but re-invents it every day and with it the world around it' (Stefan Kraus, Catalogue Essay Gallery S65, 2001)

Peter Dreher lives and works in St. Märgen, Germany. Recent solo shows include Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel, Switzerland (2005); ‘Phenomenon of Time', Galerie Herrman & Wagner, Berlin, Germany (2004); ‘Real', Quint Contemporary Art, San Diego, USA, (2003); Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg, Germany (1998).

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Peter Dreher