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Petra Blaisse started her artistic career in the Department of Applied Arts at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In 1987 she began working as a freelance designer and made a name for herself with her architectural work. Gradually, her focus shifted to the use of original textile materials, which she applies primarily to interior spaces and to garden and landscape design.

The project she will present at La Casa Encendida of Obra Social Caja Madrid (from September 30 to October 31) was inspired by her observation of the green areas in Spain’s capital city and, consequently, of the wildlife that inhabits them. Madrid, considered one of the greenest cities in Europe, boasts a wide variety of native bird species such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle or the Eurasian Black Vulture. The idea behind the project is to remind residents and visitors of the fact that Madrid is a green city with a wealth of native fauna, a reality that is often overlooked in today’s urban landscape.

The intervention at the center will consist of several gigantic tarpaulins that will cover the façade of La Casa Encendida, a carpet that will run from the center’s main entrance to the terrace, and a huge silk curtain that will be hung on the terrace and used as a projection screen for displaying images. All three elements will feature ornithological motifs of Madrid.

After the show closes, all of the materials will be recycled in a workshop to be held at La Casa Encendida.

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Petra Blaisse