press release

Nymphius Projekte is pleased to announce the group show of Olivier Mosset, Philippe Decrauzat and Paul Snowden. Their three radical artistic positions will be shown within an installation as a whole.

The base of this constellation is a mural painting by Olivier Mosset (*1944/CH). In the late 60’s he was concerned with questions of appropriation whilst involved with the radical group BMPT. Today, however, Mosset is far more intrigued with another issue – whether it’s still possible to create anti-illuisionist paintings, free from content. He moves from the unsubstantial nature of monochromy to the realm of factuality.

Berlin-based New Zealand artist and graphic designer Paul Snowden (1970/NZ) became known for the radically-designed album covers for bands like Tocotronic, Blumfeld and Kid Alex. He expanded his artistic range in 2005 by establishing the streetwear label “Wasted German Youth”. Snowden’s installations prove to be an experimental crossover between graphic art, music, fashion and club culture, forming together an ambience of the contemporary lifestyle.

Fascinated by optical shapes, Philippe Decrauzat (1974/CH) is also very much concerned by graphics, movies, architecture, music and literature. His work adopts the visual effects of the Op Art and the minimalist aesthetic, based on the clear geometric formal language. Instead of acting by appropriation, Decrauzat opts for subtle allusions and intermingled hints.

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Philippe Decrauzat, Olivier Mosset, Paul Snowden