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Offered a retrospective by the Centre Pompidou, Philippe Parreno has come up with a "journey through time," a re-reading of the artist's work by the artist himself that is articulated through three elements: the exhibition proper, the accompanying series of special events for young people, and the substantial catalogue.

The first large-scale presentation of the artist's work in France since 2002, this is also a component of a wider project, being one of a number of concurrent exhibitions that Parreno is staging at leading international venues: the Kunsthalle, Zurich, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and Bard College, NY.

The exhibition will occupy the Galerie Sud, a 1,200 m2 glass-walled space that is both full of light and integrally related to the city outside. Exploiting these features, Parreno avoids the use of internal partitions, the exhibition design being inspired by the notion of contextuality. Exhibited works and other events are organised around the projection on a vast screen of a 70mm film

Parreno clearly doesn't see his retrospective as a simple accumulation of emblematic pieces. This is why he insists on the idea of a "journey through time," hinging on key dates related to his work and development, among them 1968, the year of Robert Kennedy's death; 1977, the opening of the Centre Pompidou; and 1993, the year of the artist's own Speech Bubbles. Seeking as ever to escape the confinement of the gallery's four walls, Parreno will invite young visitors to develop a series of children's performances inspired by his past works.

To accompany the exhibition, two books are to be published by Editions du Centre Pompidou. PARRENO is a comprehensive and plentifully illustrated survey catalogue, including critical essays and the first complete list of the artist's works from 1989 to 2008, while Parade? is a children's tale written by Parreno and illustrated by Johan Olander.