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The National Museum's collection of prints by Pablo Picasso, which includes 505 works, is quite extensive in comparison to other institutions. The works in the collection date from his earliest period, c.1905, up through to the aging master's last lively output toward the end of the 1960's. Emphasis is given to two of Picasso's "series": "Suite Vollard" from the 1930's and "Suite 347" from the 1960's. This exhibition is curated by Senior Curator Nils Messel.

The National Museum presents a representative selection of its collection of graphic works, in combination with Picasso works in other media lent for this exhibition by other institutions.

In connection with this exhibition, the publication of a comprehensive catalogue of the Museum's collection of Picasso's graphic work has been made possible with support from the Arild Wahlstrøm Foundation.


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Pablo Picasso
Kurator: Nils Messel
Ort: The National Gallery