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The artist makes black and white photographs. Far from documenting the real, the work is an incessant investigation of representation and the way that images are composed, of what they are composed, and how we regard them. He assembles the images independently but together they form a corpus. This corpus is made up of photographs taken in the city, of photos of photos, and documents. The photographs appear as fragments, samples from real or fictive places, deserted or vacant, that refer one on constantly to other images. They are sometimes presented in relation to other objects made by the artist, mural drawings or paintings, just as different work of different scales is proposed to the viewer in the exhibition space. Thework’s generic character attempts to replay the possibility, again, of the space of projection, fueled by modernity’s stereotypes.

The presentation at Magasin d’en face proposes different scales, statuses, and modes of relations to the image that each viewer can experiment. It is about experiencing the image without the fascination, without a certain blinding.

Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, born in 1972 in Lyon, lives and works in Grenoble.

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Pierre-Olivier Arnaud