press release

Solo exhibition by this French artist produced by the Fondation Cartier in Paris and the Fundació ”la Caixa”.

Pierrick Sorin (Nantes, 1960) ‘moved’ to Bilbao for the occasion and set up his ‘apartment’ in sala rekalde. Pierrick Sorin. Recalde, 30. 48009 Bilbao brought together some 20 works and audiovisual installations in which Sorin himself plays the lead role. The artist links the private universe with the public space typical of an exhibition room by using ingenious audiovisual techniques. A series of videos followed one after the other in the various rooms—the hall, the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the studio—helping to transform the public space of the gallery into his ‘home’.


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Pierrick Sorin. Recalde 30. 48009 Bilbao