press release

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem

Pieter Claesz - Still Lifes

From 27 November 2004 - 3 April 2005 the Frans Hals Museum will be exhibiting the best still lifes by Pieter Claesz (1596/1597 - 1660). Pieter Claesz portrays everyday objects, a rummer, a tin plate and a herring in such a way that they exude a spellbinding beauty.

The artist Pieter Claesz, who was from Haarlem, was one of the most important still life painters in Holland. His work stands out because of his realistic presentation of objects - almost as if they could actually be touched. The food on display positively whets the appetite. A skull, a welcoming flower, a watch, a fallen glass and a guttering candle point to the ephemeral and fragile nature of life.

After the exhibition in the Frans Hals Museum these major works (45) by Pieter Claesz will be shown in the Kunsthaus in Zürich and The National Gallery of Art in Washington.